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Journal-of-Life.com is...

Journal-of-Life.com is a new concept in social networking. It offers family and friends a special place to celebrate someone's life.

And it creates a perpetual online obituary that complements or replaces the traditional newspaper death notice.

Journal-of-Life offers these innovative features:

  • Tasteful and attractive visual environment
  • User-friendly interface for set-up and functionality
  • Content moderation
  • Optional confidentiality and privacy settings

We operate and manage the service

You promote it through:

  • Press releases
  • A link to a dedicated home page
  • Targeted email

All purchases bring revenues to you.

You will get a share (paid monthly) of:

  • Subscriptions and subscription renewals
  • Online purchases of gifts

Subscribers to a memorial invite others to join.

Those people in turn will be able to create a new memorial, and the cycle begins anew.

You will be compensated on all subscription and purchase revenue derived from contacts made by a user registered to your database.
What’s next?

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How do I get paid?
By monthly bank transfer, or by check (mailed monthly) if you prefer not to provide your account details.
How is the revenue share calculated?
You will receive 30% of attributable revenue. This includes subscriptions and gift purchases. We collect payment online, by credit card or PayPal. As there is a cancellation option, we wait 30 days before these payments are considered final.
Can I find out how much is owed to me?
Yes. There is a back office tool, and you will find this information under MANAGE DATA>PURCHASE
Can I set my own pricing?
Yes. If you decide that the recommended rates are not suitable for your market, you can select within the ranges we set. You can also set the currency.
What does "member" mean?
A member is any customer attached to your account. Whenever that person makes a payment, you receive a commission fee.
How does someone become a member?
There are three ways to become a member:
  • by registering on the homepage of your journal-of-life site
  • by accepting an invitation to register from another member
  • by accepting an invitation sent by you in a newsletter or other communication
Will I benefit from these increases in membership?
Yes, because new members will probably purchase subscriptions or merchandise, and you will receive a 30% share of that spending.
How do I promote my affiliate site?
There are two ways you can do this:
  • by advertising your Journal-of-Life.com page on your own website
  • by emailing the link to your existing customer database - and if you do this by uploading the email addresses to your Journal-of-Life.com back office, you ensure that any activity from those addresses is registered to your Journal-of-Life.com account
How do I upload email addresses "in the back office"?
You simply use the tools we provide to import addresses singly or in bulk
Specifically, what do I need to do?
All you have to do is:
  • go to Email importation and management >>
  • follow the prompts to upload the list from an excel or word file, or
  • follow the prompts to add addresses singly

You can correct, cancel or load more addresses at any time.
How do I use the webmail service?
This is the next step, and it's equally simple:
  • go to Promote service by emailing >>
  • check the text that we supply, or modify it or replace it, as you wish
  • select the contacts that you want to get the message
Can I be sure that these addresses won't be used for any other purpose?
Definitely. We do not use your contacts for any purpose other than the promotion of the service, and you share in the revenue generated.
Can I cancel my Journal-of-Life.com service?
At any time, without penalty. And you will still receive the agreed revenue share from your members
Can I have a look at how an Affiliate's page looks like?
Yes, you can see an Affiliate's page with a custom logotype here: affiliate.journal-of-life.com

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